We’ve been waiting for your return to the Friday Night Shipyards Market as your scrub soap is the only one that cleans my husband’s grubby plumbing/construction hands well!

I just wanted to tell you I purchased one of your candles with the wood wick tonight and it is hands down the best candle ever. I will definitely tell my friends and will be purchasing more! Thank you.    …  Amy M. 

Hi, I bought some of your soaps at the Fort Langley Cranberry Festival. They're great!  .... Eddie W.

You were so kind to let me purchase the soap when you were already packing up! I appreciated that.   .....HJH

I met you back in October at the Glow Langley and bought the Ocean Breeze deodorant. It is AMAZING!! I love it and I need more!  Tom

Super folks to deal with!  .....James L.

I bought a soap at "Glow" last night from you. I picked one then switched to a new "sporty" soap to convince my hubby that all natural soaps are much better. He usually complains that they are too "girly". Luckily I switched to the Sporty scent. He really likes the scent and I think we now found our new soap.. Thanks for your business card....I will come by to get more !!…. Jeannine

Fantastic customer service, was totally charmed by the vendor!

Great price point for such quality!